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KGPT-26 TV is one of the only locally owned television stations in Kansas. We bring free entertainment to you, offering unbeatable advertising and sponsorship opportunities to our clients through our station, as well as through our sister station, KSMI-30. With ten content-packed channels and cutting edge technology, we also have a streamlined production department capable of producing high quality commercials quickly and affordably. Learn more about what we can offer you as a viewer or an advertiser by visiting our  corporate website.

Our Channels

26.1 – Cozi TV
26.2 – Bounce
26.3 – Grit
26.4 – Escape
26.5 – Laff
26.6 – BUZZR
26.7 – Newsmax
26.8 – LifeHacksDRTV
26.9 – Biz TV
26.10 – Vibrant TV

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